My name is Yusuf Yildiz. I am a Los Angeles based Turkish actor and writer. I’ve always had a passion for writing and making people laugh. Eventually, this passion turned into a career.


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Y usuf Yildiz has been a farmer, pharmacist apprentice, computer engineer, software scientist, actor, and author. He has crossed the Atlantic Ocean and moved to the United States after spending 20 plus years filled with mathematics and science in Turkey. He secretly kept writing love poems while his classmates tried to prove the Riemann hypothesis. Writing or making people laugh have kept creative juices flowing while the practical world pulled him in the other direction.

E verything has changed once he stepped on stage as a thespian. His most recent acting credits include portraying Ali Can in Not That Illegal and Gottlieb assisting Paul Rodriguez in an off-broadway classic Steambath at Odyssey Theater Ensemble in Los Angeles. His first-born as a playwright called Not That Illegal became successful and got nominated for Best Play at Strawberry One-Act Festival in September 2019. He loves exploring serious topics using comedy and can’t resist sprinkling some Turkishness in every story. He currently resides in Los Angeles and continues to act, write, and code for a software company.

The day I went on stage to act in my very first stage play in 2012 was the beginning of a beautiful journey. I enjoy traveling, exercising, dancing, cooking, and reading when I’m not busy. Please keep me in mind for any possibility of collaboration.