Samuel Bernstein
Herman Hurwitz
Sleazy Street Vendor

I portrayed three characters in this play:

Samuel Bernstein: A Russian immigrant who's a manager at the factory. Even though he has a good heart, he ends up being part of a terrible crime against humanity.

Herman Hurwitz: A German immigrant locksmith who ends up joining court hearings as an expert.

Street Vendor: A sleazy street vendor who tries to turn this horrific tragedy into an opportunity.

My very first acting training was at Brookhaven Community College where I received an introductory acting lesson for a semester.

I knew I wanted to tell stories but had doubts about whether I was a fit to be an actor or not. My teacher Micheal Henderson saw something in me and cast me in this play after taking his class.

A newbie actor went on stage at the age of 28 for the first time in his life. This project jump-started a beautiful journey which I could never have dreamed of...